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Being one of the great and oldest civilizations of the ancient world, the Egyptians have always filled me with deep interest and curiosity. I used to wonder about the culture, the old gods, the traditions, customs and the happenings of that era. I really wanted to see all the left out of that civilization with my own eyes.

And this was last year that I got the chance to visit the country as my company was doing some research project in the neighborhood and I was all excited to see the great pyramids and all the legendary building of there. And the very monument that I was very curious about was the pharaoh’s tomb. And I couldn’t believe myself that I was finally watching the monument.

I was so fascinated with the event that I was seeing the same thing everywhere. Even as I love playing the online casino slots I also looked for the pokie that is based on the same theme and bears the same name as well. The name of the slot is pharaoh’s tomb itself and to know the pay table rules of the game I went on to some forums and casino ratings sites to check the presence of the slot.

And luckily I get to know that it is quite a popular slot among the players and also holds a nice repo among them. So finally I made the app download to enjoy the game. The interface of the game is so easy that a beginner could understand it pretty easily and coming to the specs then let me tell you that it is a 5 reel, twenty payline poker machine designed by Micro gaming. And I finally played the game which gave me the nostalgia feeling and I also made some money out of it as well.