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At this time of year, many are making efforts to help the environment by using less, recycling more, and decreasing their waste output.

However, it is important to remember that traditional Christmas trees still have an effect on the environment – therefore it would be wiser if possible to select an eco-friendly tree.

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

For those who are interested in eco-friendly Christmas tree options, artificial trees are a great choice as they can be used year after year, reducing waste. The National Tree Company Pre-Lit Christmas Tree is a particularly realistic and convenient option, as it comes pre-lit with LED lights.

If you’re interested in learning more about eco-friendly Christmas tree options, GreenTeam Group can offer expert guidance on sustainable plantation establishment and management.

For more information on the environmental impact of Christmas trees, check out the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website at The EPA offers helpful tips on how to dispose of Christmas trees responsibly, as well as information on the benefits of recycling trees.

The tree’s 900 lights provide ample holiday illumination. Offering both white and multicolor illumination options, you can customize various looks in your home for the holidays.

Professional organizer Britnee Tanner suggests this spruce tree as an appropriate option for those who do not like fake trees, while still wanting something realistic-looking. Furthermore, its frost-tipped branches give it the appearance that you were plucked straight from the North Pole!

This 7.5-foot pre-lit fir features hinged branches that fold down for quick set-up and fold back up again for storage, making set up easy and the tree ideal for small spaces on a budget. Plus, its lighting ensures lasting illumination!

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

For an eco-friendly Christmas tree that replicates nature’s best features, this National Tree Company “Feel Real” Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree may be just what you’re searching for. Boasting hundreds of individually handcrafted branch tips that mimic real trees perfectly and an exacting appearance that will leave all of your friends and family speechless with envy!

Pre-lit with bright white lights spaced around hinged branches for quick and effortless assembly, this product makes the setup process quicker and simpler than ever.

This tree is sturdy enough to accommodate ornaments without falling or collapsing, making it perfect for those wishing to personalize it with their own ornaments.

This tree comes in multiple sizes and is easy to assemble or disassemble. Available in various colors to complement any style of decor, it’s fire retardant and non-allergenic as well as eco-friendly! A timeless investment for years.

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Wooden Christmas Tree

ecofriendly christmas trees

The National Tree Company offers artificial Christmas trees of various sizes and colors. Their Feel-Real branch technology makes their trees indistinguishable from a real one, and they even provide accessories like pine cones and LED lights to give your home an inviting festive appearance.

Pre-lit trees may not be your first thought when it comes to decorating, but they can save both time and energy when it comes to this task. With even light placement and minimal wires, pre-lit options allow you to spend more time adding ornaments instead of dealing with installation processes.

And for a truly sustainable Christmas experience, consider purchasing an artificial Christmas tree made of recycled materials or responsibly sourced locally and regionally – Balsam Hill donates part of its sales proceeds to FTP (For The Planet) approved non-profit environmental organizations around the globe!

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Wooden Pre-Lit Tree

National Tree Company’s pre-lit Wooden Christmas tree is simple to set up, and offers a stunning light show. The company also provides an impressive selection of artificial pine trees ranging from its iconic nine-foot Dunhill to four-footers suitable for small spaces or limited budgets. This spruce features the company’s low-heat LED lights that are easy to set up and will save on holiday energy costs. Aside from its lights, another main feature of the two-piece stand includes an on/off switch – and even better still? It comes complete with its own on/off switch! The best part? You don’t even have to take care of it! This tree is actually recyclable, which is pretty cool. The company behind its production uses recycled content rather than plastics – great news for the environment! With such a striking presence as its namesake tree in any room in your home or office space, and likely becoming part of family legacy for years to come.