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Interactive educational centre that teaches hands-on skills. It’s easy and fun to learn about the earth’s volcanic forces. It takes 4-7 hours, covers 40km and requires excellent navigation skills. You’ll experience every type of riding possible. You can kayak all the rivers and lakes around Turangi. Talk to us for more information.

You’ll walk across the lunar landscape between Mt Tongariro at 1966m and Mt Ngauruhoe, 2287m above sealevel. The track crosses spectacular volcanic terrain. In the presence of active volcanoes you can experience some of the Tongariro National Park’s special gifts. This is a truly unforgettable experience, with lava flows, a cold mountain spring, steam vents and stunning views.

Many companies offer shuttle service to and from Crossing. This works by driving to Ketetahi at dawn and parking your car there for the rest of the day. You’ll be taken to the start by a shuttle, then you’ll return to your car.

You’ll also need to arrange return transport from your accommodation, township, or National Park., Ohakune, or Whakapapa. But this is more expensive as you have to pay for two shuttle rides. Guiding is not common during the summer months as the track is clear and well marked.

Cost includes fuel cost for driving your vehicle and shuttle fare for two persons. Read more about shuttle bookings here. Total Cost includes the cost of driving your vehicle and the cost of a shuttle for two people. It should now be easier for you to decide which type of shuttle service is best for you. To ensure you don’t miss your bus, you must be at Ketetahi at the specified times.

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