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Fence builders specialize in designing, fabricating and installing an array of gates and fencing products as well as repairs and maintenance services for existing fences. In some instances, they also offer landscaping and garden maintenance.

Fencing contractors have their hands full year-round. In order to balance work and family obligations, many are turning to industry conferences as a way of connecting.

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Fencing New Zealand

Fencing can be an invaluable asset in managing external risks at schools and supporting student safety, particularly among younger akonga and those who require learning support services. Before installing fencing as an effective measure, boards must carefully consider its effect before implementing such solutions.

As fencing becomes worn down through wear and tear and weather exposure, its condition may require repair or reconstruction over time. A fence’s lifespan also varies based on usage and environment conditions, including metal or timber construction as well as high tensile wire – these latter ones offer stronger, more impact resistant fencing than its conventional counterpart.

Fences can help restore biodiversity and ecosystem functions in a larger landscape context. For instance, at Karori Ecosanctuary in Auckland a predator exclusion fence was installed to protect native bird species such as North Island Kokako; this led to improved habitat conditions for other indigenous plants (Saunders & Norton 2001; Burns et al. 2012).

Fencers specialize in the installation and repair of rural electric and nonelectric fencing as well as their ongoing maintenance. They may work independently as contractors or be employed within an enterprise that has responsibility for meeting client fencing needs.

Auckland Gates

Auckland Gates is a local business offering residential and commercial gates in various styles for both homes and offices. Their selection includes aluminium louvre gates as well as automated options, all made from quality materials to add to the look of any space in which they’re installed – like driveway gates that increase value of real estate properties.

Auckland Gates and Fencing employs between zero to nine employees, which you can learn more about using the 6sense Chrome Extension. Furthermore, their email addresses, phone numbers, and contact details may be found via LinkedIn or any website – making them your one-stop service provider for all metal needs!


Fencemate is part of AgriTech Group, which specialises in agricultural fencing and orchard trellising products. Fencemate produces electric wire fencing systems which meet European and international standards, for use in livestock containment, farmland protection and orchard trellising – including fence energizers, posts, insulators and accessories – making Fencemate an adaptable solution that offers maximum flexibility and security for any application.

FENCEMATE DuraPost is an innovative steel fence post system that is easier to install, stronger and longer-lasting than traditional concrete or timber posts. It supports various wood fencing styles like feather board, hit and miss, close boarded and European styles – while taking six times less labour to fit than concrete posts! Installation times and accuracy have also improved significantly with DuraPost installation speeds being faster and more accurate.

Shed and Fence Mate is an easy, solvent free shed and fence treatment designed to give rough sawn timber a durable water repellent finish that’s suitable for new and existing structures alike. Made with carefully selected UV resistant pigments and water repellant waxes for long life and safe application on plants and animals during and post application – making this product totally harmless during or post use! With various colors to choose from this treatment makes Shed and Fence Mate an excellent solution.


Durafence PVC Fence comes in various stylish designs to fit any home or commercial property, providing low maintenance fencing solutions that look good year after year, keep your property secure, and adds a tailored touch that makes it appear well-kept and fashionable.

WPC boards contain antifungal agents so they will not mold or mildew; however, like any hard surface, they may develop mold if their appropriate cleaning process is not observed. We suggest periodic washing with mild soap, bleach and water or an alkaline cleaner such as 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner to keep the surface free of mold growth. Aluminium components have either been anodised or powder-coated for extra rust-proof protection and mark resistance.

All licensed contractors must carry bonds, which provide financial recourse in case of defective work or violations of license regulations. You can view each contractor’s bond amount and company history on BuildZoom profiles.